Forestry Tree Mount


At Panama Enterprises, we proudly supply windsocks and frames to oil and gas companies in Alberta and beyond.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality products, combined with competitive pricing and exceptional service, has made us a top choice for clients around the world.

Each product we offer, including our forestry tree mounts, is meticulously crafted and rigorously inspected to ensure superior quality and durability.

What Are Forest Tree Mounts Used For?

Our forestry tree mounts are a versatile solution designed to serve multiple purposes.

Specifically engineered to be strapped onto trees, these mounts play a crucial role in creating remote landing pads during emergency forest fires.

Forest tree mounts also find utility in urban settings when attached to wooden power poles.

The adaptability of these mounts makes them an invaluable asset in various scenarios.

Industries Served

Our forestry tree mounts are instrumental in enhancing safety, visibility, and operational efficiency in the following sectors:

Oil and Gas

With our origins deeply rooted in serving the oil and gas industry, we understand the unique challenges this industry presents.

Remote oilfield locations often pose logistical hurdles, and ensuring clear and accurate windsock visibility becomes paramount for safe operations.

Our forestry tree mounts excel in such environments, offering a dependable solution for mounting windsocks in hard-to-reach locations.

By using our mounts, you enhance the safety of your personnel and equipment while also optimizing operations in these remote areas.


The forestry sector operates in dynamic and sometimes harsh conditions where rapid changes can occur. During forest management and firefighting operations, maintaining clear and visible windsocks is essential for the safety of ground crews and aircraft.

Our forestry tree mounts are the preferred choice for ensuring windsock visibility in these challenging environments.

By using our mounts, you can confidently navigate the intricacies of forestry operations, ensuring that wind direction and speed are always readily available for critical decision-making.


When it comes to the maintenance and management of power lines and distribution networks, safety and efficiency are paramount.

Our forestry tree mounts are engineered to be securely attached to wooden power poles, providing utility workers with a reliable tool for assessing wind conditions during their operations.

By integrating our mounts into your utility workflow, you not only enhance the safety of your personnel but also improve the overall efficiency of your maintenance tasks.

Accurate windsock readings help you make informed decisions, reduce downtime, and maintain the reliability of your power infrastructure.

Forestry Tree Mount Specifications

Our Forestry Tree Mounts are engineered to meet the demands of various environments and applications.

Here are the key specifications:

  • Mounting Flexibility: These mounts can be easily strapped to trees, creating remote landing pads for windsocks during forest fire situations. Additionally, they can be attached to wooden power poles in urban areas.
  • Frame Compatibility: The top section of our mounts allows for the replacement of windsock frames, accommodating different sizes ranging from 8 inches to 36 inches. This adaptability ensures that our mounts are compatible with various windsock dimensions, making them a versatile choice for your windsock installations.

Trust Panama Enterprises to provide you with forestry tree mounts that enhance the functionality and visibility of your windsocks.

Don't compromise on safety and visibility—choose Panama Enterprises for top-quality solutions.


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