Mandrel Frame

Panama Enterprises takes pride in providing top-quality mandrel frames. We serve multiple industries in Alberta and other parts of the world.

For over three decades, we have been the trusted supplier in the market. We offer products at competitive prices, all backed by fast and friendly service.

With our extensive experience and commitment to quality, you can rely on us to deliver reliable and effective solutions!

Lighted Windsock Frames

Windsocks are used in a variety of industries to show the direction and strength of the wind.

Our windsocks are also used in factories to help workers estimate the direction of hazardous substances. This enables them to determine safe escape routes.

By using a lighted windsock frame, you can ensure that your workers can see the windsock even at night. This will further enhance their safety.

The mandrel frame is compatible with 24" or 36" windsock frames. They require, at a minimum, a 75-Watt lamp for optimal visibility.

And the required lamp is included with all of Panama Enterprise's mandrel frames!

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Industries Served

Panama Enterprise's windsocks and frames cater to a wide range of industries. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Aviation: Windsocks are essential at airports and helipads. They provide pilots with crucial wind direction and intensity information. This aids in safe takeoffs, landings, and ground operations.
  • Maritime: Windsocks are used in ports, harbors, and offshore platforms. They aid vessel navigation, ensuring that ships can operate in changing wind conditions.
  • Construction: Windsocks are employed at construction sites. They help crane operators, and workers assess wind conditions. This is especially important when dealing with large and tall structures.
  • Chemical and Manufacturing: Windsocks play a vital role in factories where hazardous substances are present. They assist workers in seeing the direction these substances are being blown. This enables them to identify safe escape routes.
  • Oil and Gas: Windsocks are utilized in oil and gas facilities. This can include refineries and drilling rigs. Windsocks inform workers about wind conditions during operations and to increase overall safety.
  • Agriculture: Windsocks can be used in agriculture to assess wind patterns and conditions. This is used in activities like crop spraying, irrigation, and livestock management.
  • Emergency Response: Windsocks are valuable tools for emergency response teams. They help assess wind conditions during incidents such as chemical spills, fires, and natural disasters.

Panama Enterprise caters to the unique needs of each industry, prioritizing safety and visibility for all our customers.

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Mandrel Frame Specifications

  • Requires 120-Volt power source
  • 75-Watt lamp provided


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