Windsock Swivel Mount Frames

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A swivel mount is a device that helps facilitate maintenance of windsocks and frames, and allows wind devices to be removed and installed at ease. 

It consists of several components, including a base, a pole or mast, and a swivel assembly.

At Panama Enterprises, our swivel windsock mounts feature removable pins that make windsock replacement a breeze.

And the projection of our swivel windsock mounts is helpful for mounting your windsock to buildings with overhangs.

Knowing the size of your sock and frame will guide you in choosing the perfect extension length in order to prevent the windsock from getting caught on the building in low wind.

Panama is proud to offer high-quality windsock mounts made of carbon steel and designed to suit your needs.

How Does A Swivel Mount For Windsocks Work?

The base of a swivel windsock mount is a sturdy metal structure that is securely anchored to a solid surface.

The mast or extension is attached to the base and extends upward, providing vertical support for the windsock frame.

The swivel assembly is attached to the base of the mast or extension and consists of several parts, including:

  • Swivel or Pivot point: Allows the mast or extension assembly to rotate freely, allowing the windsock to align with the direction of the wind.
  • Windsock Frame or Mounting Point: This is attached to the mast or extension and provides a secure attachment point for the windsock to show wind direction. 
  • Mechanism for locking the mast or extension in place: The locking mechanism allows the mast or extension to be locked in place or moved when necessary (i.e., during maintenance) and consists of a simple latch or bolt that secures the mounting bracket or collar in place.

Swivel mounts for windsocks allow for accurate and reliable measurement of wind direction and speed, which is important in a variety of industries where safety and efficiency are critical.

Industries Served

  • Aviation: Swivel mounts are commonly used at airports and airfields to indicate wind direction and speed to pilots. Swivel windsock mounts can be used at the ends of runways, near helicopter landing pads, or at other key locations on airport grounds.
  • Oilfield: Swivel mounts are used in the oilfield to make it easier for workers to judge wind direction. This is a crucial tool used in the case of a chemical leak as it allows workers to know which direction the leak is blowing. 
  • Agriculture: Swivel mounts are used in agriculture to aid in spraying application. This tool allows the operators to better judge the spray drift area, allowing for better distribution. 
  • Maritime: Swivel mounts can be used at ports, harbors, and docks to indicate wind direction and speed to ship captains and crew members. They are often used on pier or wharf structures or on the masts of ships.
  • Construction: Swivel mounts can be used on construction sites to help crane operators and other workers determine wind direction and speed. Swivel windsock mounts can be used on construction trailers or on temporary or permanent structures.
  • Chemical and petrochemical: Swivel mounts are used at chemical and petrochemical plants to indicate wind direction and help workers avoid exposure to hazardous substances. Swivel windsock mounts can be used on storage tanks or other key structures.
  • Military: Swivel mounts are used by the military to indicate wind direction and speed for aircraft, missile systems, and other equipment. They are often attached to bases, aircraft carriers, or other military installations.

Swivel Mount Specifications

  • 11” projection for building overhangs
  • 6 fastening points
  • Carbon steel

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