Mini Buggy Whip / Quad Flags

Safety on any job site can be achieved by increasing visibility, and Panama Enterprises carries quad flags to help you do just that!

Quad flags are bright orange flags that can be used to mark a variety of things, including:

  • Culverts
  • Road edges
  • Trucks
  • Quads

Quad flags ensure that dangerous conditions and moving vehicles are easy to see, especially in the early morning and evenings.

Troubleshooting the Fiberglass Rod

It’s not entirely uncommon for the fiberglass rod to break at the bolt connections - but this can be easily fixed!

Undo the bolt and lock washer before punching the fiberglass rod through the bolt. This will remove the piece stuck inside.

Insert the rod into the bolt hole and reinstall and tighten the lock washer and nut. This allows you to fix it on the go!


  • 6’ height
  • Attached bolt for mounting
  • Bright Orange

 Quad flag 1.jpg   Quad flag bolt.jpg

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