Windsock for Airport

Airport windsocks may seem like a small safety precaution, but their use in almost every aviation setting can make a huge difference!

From major airports to heliports, windsocks help pilots determine the direction and speed of the wind, as well as identify potential hazardous crosswinds during takeoffs and landings.

Our windsocks are highly visible and help to increase the safety of pilots and passengers!

Panama Enterprises manufactures each windsock individually and with specific attention to detail.

We take pride in providing durable features, such as:

  • Superior fabrics and double seams for longevity.
  • Grommets and hog rings for positive grounding.
  • Consistent sizing to ensure that replacement windsocks will always fit your existing frame.
  • Sun and weather-resistant fabric.
  • Available in fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, bright green, and Canada red.

Each airport windsock is designed in the proper truncate (cone) shape as indicated by Transport Canada (the diameter is ⅓ the length of the windsock).

Panama windsock frames are made of metal to provide positive grounding through the bearings and the shaft, eliminating safety risks caused by static and sparking.

All Panama frames 5.5” inches in diameter or larger are made with sealed metal bearings to withstand severe weather conditions and provide smooth 360-degree rotation in both directions.

Any amount of breeze or wind will provide an indication of airflow direction and velocity, potentially saving human life in the event of an emergency!

Custom-designed windsocks are also available upon request (minimum quantities apply).

Custom extensions and mounts can be supplied in most cases.

Please contact us today for more details or to discuss your requirements!


  • Conforms to TP312 5th Edition Standard
  • Available in 18” x 56”, 24” x 72”, 36” x 108” sizes

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