HD Series Chemical Injectors

Typical Canadian applications for HD Series Chemical Injectors include methanol, corrosion inhibitor, bleach, and odorant injection. Our pumps require either the TR-1 or TR-2 Timer/Relay in order to function. In the event that the pumps will be used within a SCADA system, a timer is not required.


  • HD1062, HD1062-3K pumps require SR1S snap action relay.


  • Innovative pump design incorporates a hydraulic diaphragm, separating chemical from seals, thereby preventing leaks and seepage.
  • The oil in the upper chamber serves as a plunger lubricant as well as hydraulic fluid.
  • The diaphragm is Teflon-coated to prevent corrosion.
  • The plunger spring is Inconel-coated with Teflon for longer service life.
  • The Pump housing is made of stainless steel, particularly recommended for corrosive environments.
  • The TR2 timer has become a design standard for the industry. Lightweight, no springs, and only two moving parts make it especially easy to maintain. Typically outperforms other timers/controllers in PSI (25-150) and SPM (0-50).

Recommended Pump Installation

  • Loosen ring on the Power Piston.
  • Stem can be unscrewed to check oil in the reservoir. Oil level must be up to the Packing.
  • Replace the stem.
  • Tighten ring on the Power Piston.
  • Place a couple of drops in the oil hole on the side of the stem to ensure lubrication above the packing.
  • Oil level should be checked in this manner on a monthly basis.
  • Ring and Stem should only be Hand Tight.
  • Any questions or concerns should be directed to Panama Enterprises. Feel free to contact us to arrange a free training seminar for your company or your customers.


  • Patented hydraulic driven diaphragm system isolates chemical from plunger and seal.
  • All models utilize Teflon-laminated diaphragm.
  • All fluid contact parts 316 stainless steel.
  • All other parts 300 series stainless steel.

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